BTS Hairstyling Tools You Must Have

Hairstyling is an essential part of BTS’s image, and their hairstyles have become iconic trends among fans worldwide. Achieving the perfect look requires not only skilled hairstylists but also the right tools. In this article, we will explore the must-have BTS hairstyling tools that every K-pop enthusiast and hairstylist should consider adding to their collection. From styling irons to hair products, these tools will help you recreate the stunning looks of your favorite BTS members.

BTS, the sensational South Korean boy band, has captured the hearts of millions with not only their mesmerizing music but also their ever-changing and stylish hairstyles. Fans worldwide eagerly await each new hairstyle the members debut, and many aspire to recreate these looks themselves. To achieve those stunning hairstyles, having the right hairstyling tools is crucial. Let’s dive into the must-have BTS hairstyling tools that will help you achieve the perfect BTS-inspired looks.

Hair Dryer with Diffuser

A Hair Dryer with a Diffuser is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to achieve stunning and effortless hairstyles, particularly those inspired by BTS. The diffuser attachment plays a crucial role in enhancing the natural texture of your hair while reducing frizz. Its unique design disperses the airflow, ensuring that your curls remain intact and full of volume.

This tool is especially beneficial for those with wavy or curly hair, as it helps define and accentuate their gorgeous curls. With the Hair Dryer and Diffuser combo, you can easily recreate the signature wavy looks of BTS members like Jimin and V, adding a touch of K-pop flair to your style.

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Ceramic Straightening Iron

The Ceramic Straightening Iron is a must-have hairstyling tool for achieving sleek and elegant looks inspired by BTS members like Suga or RM. This versatile tool features a ceramic-coated heating plate that distributes heat evenly, minimizing the risk of hair damage. With adjustable temperature settings, it allows for precise control, ensuring the right amount of heat for your specific hair type.

The Ceramic Straightening Iron effortlessly transforms frizzy or curly hair into silky, straight tresses, giving you a polished and sophisticated appearance. Whether you desire a classic Suga-inspired straight hairstyle or an RM-esque sleek look, this tool will be your go-to for achieving flawless, envy-worthy hair.

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Curling Wand

The Curling Wand is a versatile and essential hairstyling tool that adds a touch of glamour to your look, just like the charming curls sported by BTS members Jungkook and J-Hope. This wand features a cylindrical shape and lacks a clamp, making it easy to create various curl styles. With adjustable temperature settings, you can customize the heat level to suit your hair type, ensuring optimal results without causing damage.

Whether you desire loose waves or tight curls, the Curling Wand allows for effortless styling. It’s perfect for elevating your appearance for a special occasion or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday look, bringing you one step closer to that BTS-inspired hairstyle you’ve always admired.

Texturizing Spray

The Texturizing Spray is a game-changing hairstyling product that adds dimension and volume to your hair, just like the effortlessly cool looks of BTS members V and Jin. This spray is designed to create texture without weighing down your hair, giving it that extra oomph and enhancing the overall appearance of your hairstyle.

With a few spritzes, you can achieve that perfect tousled look or beachy waves, adding a touch of laid-back charm to your ensemble. The Texturizing Spray is ideal for creating effortless, “I woke up like this” hairstyles, making it a must-have tool for those seeking to replicate the natural yet stylish looks of BTS members.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 21: (L-R) Jimin, Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, V, Jin, and SUGA of the K-pop boy band BTS visit the “Today” Show at Rockefeller Plaza on February 21, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/WireImage)

Hair Wax or Pomade

Hair Wax along with pomade are essential hairstyling products for those looking to rock the edgy and stylish looks of BTS members Suga or RM. This versatile product provides excellent hold and allows you to mold and shape your hair precisely, making it perfect for achieving intricate and detailed hairstyles.

Whether you want to create a sleek and slicked-back look or add texture and definition to your hair, hair wax or pomade are your go-to solution. It adds a touch of shine to your hair, elevating your overall appearance and giving you that K-pop idol vibe. With hair wax or pomade, you can confidently experiment with different styles and confidently express your love for BTS through your unique and trendy hairstyles.

Hair Volumizer Powder

Hair Volumizer Powder is a must-have hairstyling product for those aspiring to achieve the voluminous and captivating hairstyles of BTS members Jin and Jimin. This innovative powder formula works wonders in adding height and lift to your roots, creating a fuller and more voluminous look. It is especially beneficial for those with fine or flat hair, instantly transforming their locks into luscious and dynamic styles.

The Hair Volumizer Powder is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting effect, ensuring your hairstyle stays fabulous throughout the day. Whether you’re going for a dramatic red carpet look or a chic everyday style, this product is a game-changer, allowing you to achieve picture-perfect hair that is sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression, just like your favorite BTS idols.

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Hairpins and Bobby Pins

Hairpins and bobby pins are essential hairstyling tools that play a significant role in creating intricate and stunning hairstyles, similar to the ones adorned by BTS members during their performances and appearances. These small but mighty accessories are a hairstylist’s best friend, enabling them to secure various sections of hair while crafting intricate braids, updos, and elegant hairstyles.

With their strong grip and versatility, hairpins and bobby pins offer endless styling possibilities, ensuring your hair remains in place throughout the day. Whether you’re replicating a BTS-inspired red carpet look or adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday style, these humble yet indispensable tools are the backbone of achieving flawless and picture-perfect hairstyles worthy of a K-pop star.

Fine-Tooth Comb

The Fine-Tooth Comb is a fundamental hairstyling tool that is indispensable for achieving precise and polished looks, just like the sleek and sophisticated hairstyles of BTS members Suga or RM. This comb features closely spaced teeth, allowing for smooth and accurate partings and detangling even the most unruly hair. It is perfect for creating sleek hairstyles like slicked-back looks or elegant updos.

The Fine-Tooth Comb is also useful for precise styling and creating intricate details in your hair, making it a go-to tool for hairstylists and enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and professional appearance or a refined and classic style, the Fine-Tooth Comb is an essential companion in your hairstyling journey, enabling you to craft flawless looks that exude BTS’s poise and sophistication.

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Hairbrush with Natural Bristles

The Hairbrush with Natural Bristles is a gentle and effective hairstyling tool that ensures healthy and lustrous locks, much like the radiant hairstyles of BTS members Jungkook and Jimin. Unlike synthetic bristles, natural bristles are gentle on the hair and scalp, preventing unnecessary breakage and damage. The bristles also help distribute natural oils from the scalp to the hair, promoting overall hair health and shine.

With each stroke, the Hairbrush with Natural Bristles untangles knots and smoothens the hair, leaving it soft and manageable. It’s perfect for daily grooming, adding that touch of care to your hair care routine. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, this hairbrush is a true ally in maintaining your tresses at their best, so you can flaunt stunning and healthy hair reminiscent of BTS’s impeccable style.

Hair Setting Spray

The Hair Setting Spray is a must-have hairstyling product that ensures your BTS-inspired hairstyles stay in place all day long, just like the flawless looks of BTS members on stage and in their music videos. This spray provides a firm hold without making your hair feel stiff or sticky, allowing your carefully crafted hairstyles to remain intact and picture-perfect for hours. Whether you’re going for a sleek and elegant look or a tousled and voluminous style, the Hair Setting Spray is your ultimate ally.

It tames flyaways, resists humidity, and withstands the demands of an active day, making it a staple for achieving long-lasting and mesmerizing hairstyles that are fit for a K-pop sensation. With the Hair Setting Spray, you can confidently show off your BTS-inspired look and keep turning heads wherever you go.

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Hair Rollers or Flexi Rods

Hair Rollers or Flexi Rods are versatile hairstyling tools that are essential for achieving the bouncy and voluminous curls reminiscent of BTS members J-Hope and Jungkook. These tools are perfect for creating curls without subjecting your hair to direct heat, reducing the risk of damage. Hair rollers come in various sizes, allowing you to customize the curl tightness according to your preference.

On the other hand, flexi rods, being flexible and soft, are comfortable to wear while they work their magic on your hair overnight. Whether you want loose waves or defined curls, hair rollers or flexi rods offer a convenient and heat-free solution for achieving captivating and envy-worthy curls, adding that touch of BTS charm to your hairstyle effortlessly.

Hair Elastic Bands

Hair Elastic Bands are essential hairstyling accessories that are vital for creating various BTS-inspired hairstyles. These simple yet versatile bands come in different sizes and materials, catering to different hair types and styles. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek high ponytail like Jennie from BLACKPINK or a playful half-up, half-down look like BTS’s V, hair elastic bands are your go-to for achieving a polished and put-together appearance.

These bands securely hold your hair in place, preventing flyaways and maintaining the desired hairstyle throughout the day. From casual everyday looks to glamorous red carpet styles, hair elastic bands are a reliable and accessible tool that helps you effortlessly recreate the iconic and trendy hairstyles of your favorite BTS idols.

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Hair Treatment Mask

The Hair Treatment Mask is a nourishing and revitalizing product that works wonders in restoring the health and beauty of your hair, just like the luscious locks of BTS members Jin and Jimin. This intensive treatment is packed with essential nutrients and natural ingredients that deeply penetrate your hair strands, repairing damage and replenishing moisture.

Whether your hair is damaged from heat styling, coloring, or environmental factors, the Hair Treatment Mask is a lifesaver. It helps to strengthen your hair, reduce breakage, and enhance its natural shine and softness. Regular use of this mask ensures that your hair remains vibrant, manageable, and ready to sport any BTS-inspired hairstyle with confidence. Show your locks some love with this luxurious and pampering hair treatment and watch your hair transform into a crowning glory worthy of a K-pop idol.


Creating BTS-inspired hairstyles requires creativity, skill, and the right hairstyling tools. By investing in these must-have tools, you can recreate the iconic looks of your favorite BTS members and express your love for the band in a unique way. Remember to always prioritize the health of your hair and have fun experimenting with different styles!


Can I use these hairstyling tools on any hair type?

Yes, most of these tools are versatile and can be used on various hair types, but always consider your hair’s specific needs before styling.

Do BTS members style their own hair?

While they may occasionally style their own hair, BTS usually has a team of skilled hairstylists who create their iconic looks.

Are these hairstyling tools budget-friendly?

Many hairstyling tools come in different price ranges, so you can find options that fit your budget without compromising on quality.

Can I achieve BTS-inspired hairstyles on short hair?

Absolutely! Some BTS hairstyles work exceptionally well on shorter hair, so don’t hesitate to try them out.

Should I use heat protectant products before styling my hair?

Yes, it’s essential to use heat protectant products, especially when using heat styling tools, to minimize hair damage.

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